(Excerpt from a hybrid training titled "The Beginning.")

When I began working as an Instructional Technology Specialist, I came up with a phrase that embodied the message I wanted to share with educators:
Explore the Possibilities.

Using technology as a tool in the classroom has vast potential.  But, I think there are many educators who struggle to see where it fits into the curriculum and who may have difficulty managing the ways technology can be used effectively to help students learn.  From the beginning, I found myself structuring my website, my professional development trainings, and even my conversations with educators around the concept of exploring the possibilities.  I have a passion for educational technology, and I wanted to whet the appetite of others by helping them investigate some of the opportunities technology tools provide.  I wanted to share the excitement that I felt.  I wanted to encourage teachers and administrators.  I wanted to guide educators to help them discover how to integrate technology in every classroom.

I wanted to challenge educators to imagine what could be possible.  To take time to consider what technology can do to transform our classrooms.  To question what you believe teaching and learning should look like.  To shift the paradigm of traditional teaching environments.  To dive in.

As we work through part 1 of “The Beginning” training, we are simply going to explore the possibilities.  This certainly won’t be an all-inclusive look at technology integration.  But, I hope it will whet your appetite and get you thinking about how you can use technology tools to provide an engaging learning environment for your students.

Ready?  Set!  Go!

Read, watch, and explore the following technology integration resources. 

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Douglas Thomas on digital media and learning

The 21st Century Learner

Free Tech 4 Teachers

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

SMART Board Goodies

Open Education Resources
Open Education Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials freely shared online for everyone to use.  

CK-12 – Flexbooks

MIT Open Courseware

Free High School Science Texts


Edutopia: Technology Integration

Edte.ch Blog: Interesting Ways

Florida Technology Integration Matrix

My Links (over 5,000 categorized links)

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