Various Ed Tech Topics (half-day training for HHS)



Today's tech training allows for independent, non-linear exploration of two instructional technology topics. You can tailor your professional development experience today by spending time on ed tech information that interests and challenges you.


The two topics available are Gaming in Education and My Network.

Choose one or both topics to investigate, depending on how in-depth you wish to explore.


Each module contains three components:

Readings and Research will explore related educational research as well as educator commentary related to the topic.

The Exploration section will provide online links so you can spend some time delving into resources and student activity examples.

The Discussion section will provide an opportunity for you to respond to topic related questions and engage in conversations with your peers.



1. Sign the sign-in sheet.

2. Register on the SEA system for the SPRING early release day sessions, if you haven't already.  Activity # 10-53.

3. Choose one of the two topics and read the introduction.

4. Read some of the related readings and research.

5. Explore the related online resources.

6. To recieve CEUs for the 2.5 contact hours, comment on each of the three related discussion topics.  Feel free to add additional comments in repsonse to others, if you wish.

7. Explore the remaining topic, if time permits.


I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments about these ed tech topics.


I am conducting training at Longview, but will be checking my email often.  If you have questions or need help, please email me and I will respond as soon as possible.


Have a great afternoon!

Donna (MurrayGirl)


Get started with Gaming in Education or My Network.

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