Google in the Classroom

Google in the Classroom

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Searching and Researching


Searching and Researching in the Classroom




Using Blogger in the Classroom

(Some of these links are not specific to Blogger software, but give ideas on how to use any blogging software in the classroom)


Google Earth and Google Maps


Using Google Earth and Google Maps in the Classroom


Google Docs

Using Google Docs in the Classroom


Explore some more...


Ticket out the door!

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1. Now that you've explored many of the Google Tools available, please share at least one way to use a Google Tool in the classroom. Reference something you've read about today or share a new and creative idea! If you aren't convinced yet that Google has a place in the classroom, please share a question or concern. 


2. In Google Galore and Google in the Classroom, we explored many features of Google products. What was your favorite tool / feature and why?




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