What Can Outlook Do For You?

What can Outlook do for you?

Donna Murray – Instructional Technology Specialist

(presented at HPS Summer Conference 2009)


We use Outlook every day to check our HPS E-mail, but are you really aware of all that Outlook can do to help you?  Participants will explore how to use the Calendar feature, Tasks feature, color coding, sharing options, delayed messages, distribution lists, and various other topics that will help you make the most of your Outlook.


Instructional Tie:  Communication within the workplace and between school and the home are one of the most important aspects of working with students and other educators.  By using Outlook's advanced features, communication, organization, and efficiency can all improve.





Outlook 2003 Help and How-To



Top Tips for Outlook



Outlook Quick Reference 2003 pdf from CustomGuide.com


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