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PLC or Professional Learning Communities. This educational "buzz word" has been filtering into school systems, bringing with it the idea that we can work better TOGETHER to become better teachers for our students. 


Today, I want to take the idea of PLC and expand the definition to include your PERSONAL communities as well.


We each have our own personal and professional learning network. We find others with similar interests, we collaborate with professionals at school and in workshops, and we determine what resources help us to grow and learn personally and professionally.


These networks now extend beyond our local community thanks to the tools and resources available online.


In this module, you will explore some of these tools and resources that may expand your personal and professional learning networks.


Enjoy exploring the possibilities!



My Network - Readings and Research


My Network - Exploration


My Network Discussion


Reminder for HHS Early Release day PD participants:


1. Choose one of the two topics and read the introduction.

2. Read some of the related readings and research.

3. Explore the related online resources.

4. To recieve CEUs for the 2.5 contact hours, comment on each of the three related discussion topics.  Feel free to add additional comments in repsonse to others, if you wish.


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