Gaming In Education education?


When you think of games, do the words fun, non-educational, and repetitive come to mind? With all we have to do to cover the curriculum in our classrooms, who has time to "play games" on the computer?


The truth is, there are many games, simulations and role-playing activities that provide more than just fun experiences for our students. Gaming can provide active learning opportunities that are individualized and meaningful.


In this module, you'll be exploring the relationship between gaming and learning.


While you are encouraged to individualize your path of exploration by reviewing the readings/research and resources in any order you wish, you may want to start with this excellent summary of gaming, cognition, and education by Dr. Scott McLeod.


Enjoy exploring the possibilities!



Gaming in Education - Readings and Research 


Gaming in Education - Exploration 


Gaming in Education Discussion


Reminder for HHS Early Release day PD participants:


1. Choose one of the two topics and read the introduction.

2. Read some of the related readings and research.

3. Explore the related online resources.

4. To recieve CEUs for the 2.5 contact hours, comment on each of the three related discussion topics.  Feel free to add additional comments in repsonse to others, if you wish.


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