Sketchcast and Voicethread


What it is...

Voicethread is an online tool that allows you to mesh voice and images.  It allows you to "turn an image into a conversation".


What you need...

A voicethread account - FREE


What it looks like...

What is a voicethread anyway? -

Mrs. Ngai's Classroom Voicethreads -


How to do it... (online tutorials -


  1. Decide the visuals you are going to use and make sure they are digital.
  2. Go to (this is the secure education part of the site)
  3. Click sign in or register in the top right corner
  4. Upload your images
  5. Record your audio for your images
  6. Either choose to keep it private and keep working on it or make it public for the world to see.


If you need help...

Help section is here:


Education Resources 


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