Digital Scrapbooking (presented at Summer Conference 2009)

Digital Scrapbooking

Donna Murray, HPS Instructional Technology Specialist

(presented at HPS Summer Conference 2009)


Scrapbooking has many designs, forms, and purposes.  In this session, we’ll see how technology can play a part in creating completely digital scrapbooks as well as hybrid scrapbooks (combination of paper AND digital).  We’ll expand the definition of scrapbooking as we discuss how students can use digital scrapbooking tools and software to create products of learning. 


Instructional Tie:  Scrapbooking can be used as an assessment piece after any unit of study in language arts, science, social studies, humanities, or fine arts courses.  As an element of expressive or narrative writing, students can use the art of scrapbooking to supplement their personal writing.  Suggestions will be provided.




How to Produce Digital Scrapbooks (from Teaching PreK-8) 


Digital Scrapbooking for the Classroom Resources


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Tux Paint




Shabby Princess - Free Digital Scrapbooking Files to Download


Two Peas in a Bucket - Free Digital Scrapbooking Files to Download


Two Peas in a Bucket Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials


Educational Scrapbooks


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