Integrating Technology in Math and Language Arts

Center for Applied Researct in Educational Technology


NEIR-TEC Technology and Teaching Children to Read


Reading Online


Florida Center for Reading Research


Misunderstood Minds


All Kinds of Minds


Elementary Interactive Curriculum


My delicious links for elementary + interactive + math


My delicious links for elementary + interactive + languagearts


BBC Schools


Scholastic Online Activities and Interactive Learning




e-Learning for Kids


Interactive Games


Content Workshop


SEN Teacher


Woodlands Maths Zone


Johnnie's Math Page


Math ICT games


Maths Dictionary for Kids




Illuminations Activities


Math Magician Games


Math Playground


Illuminations Lessons


Learn NC Lessons


NLVM Virtual Manipulatives


Money Factory


Rainforest Maths


Shodor Interactives


Interactive Calculators


Interactive Hundreds Board




Math Fact Cafe


Math Word Wall Visual (scroll to find math word wall on the left)


Math Maven Mysteries


Math Playground Word Problems


Thinking Blocks






Literacy Games


Literacy ICT Games


Roy the Zebra


Literacy Interactives


Word Magnets


Read Write Think Student Materials


Read Write Think Lessons


Writing Lessons


Learn NC Lesson Plans


Phonics Interactive


Phonics Interactive


Phonics Interactive



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