Free Online Video Resources (part 2)

Part 2: Searching strategies / Using video in the classroom

I hope you found a plethora of free video resources in the links I shared in Part 1. The participants in this training cover a wide variety of grade levels/content areas, so if you were unable to find a lot of video content specific to your needs, please let me know and I will see what I can find for you!

If you haven’t posted a comment on the blogpost yet, don’t rush. There is no formal deadline, and I’ll email you to remind you if I don’t see a response from you in the next few weeks.

The next part of this training is designed to provide you with some searching strategies and ideas for using video in the classroom. There is no “written” assignment for this part of the training. In fact, I am simply trusting that you will explore the resources I’m sharing. There is no “formal” assignment at all! Of course, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me.

Assignment:   :)

Explore the resources below!

Time: 2 hours
“Due date”: Determine on your own!

Search strategies
  • Common Craft is a company that creates short video explanations of various topics. Their “Web Search Strategies” video is a simple explanation of how to search the web via a search engine.
    Web Search Strategies in Plain English:
  • There are many search engines out there, and they offer a variety of options for searching and receiving results. We will be looking at search strategies for the most popular search engine, Google. Explore the resources below to learn basic (and some advanced) features and functionality of a Google search.

Using video in the classroom

Using YouTube in the classroom

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  1. Cheryl Rhea
    Hickory High School
    Academic Earth
    This site has a large array of mathematical teaching videos. Topics that I would most likely to use in my classroom are Geometry and Algebra One. Each topic has extensive list of short videos to choose from on different concepts being taught in the course. This site could be used to introduce a new topic to a class or for a student who has missed a topic. There are also examples on this site a student could use if he/she needed more help after a lecture.